The Latest Marketo Release – What’s New?

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At the end of January, Marketo announced that it will be releasing an updated version of its software, which includes the below themes and features:

Integrated Ecosystem – CRM Integration

Innovation for Experience – Dynamic Chat, Sales Insights, Marketo Measure

Future proof Investments – New UX Experience for Assets

This article contains a summary of the key changes, along with the most important details.

Marketo Release inforgraphic
Marketo January 2023 Release

Dynamic Chat

The Dynamic Chat features such as engaged dialogue, interacted with document, reached goal, scheduled appointment are now available in the Marketo Sales Insight’s Insights Dashboard.

Furthermore, the system will send email notifications to agents when meetings are booked.

Additionally, the conversation transcript will now be saved on the Marketo record activity log. The entire conversation history plus details like visitor information and the time when the conversation happened will be accessible through the Adobe Experience platform URL.

Activity Details
Marketo record activity log

To improve data cleanliness, picklist field type has been enabled although these are not yet ready to behave as conditional fields, appearing based on i.e. the other field value.

Also, there is now an option to skip a question if the field value is already provided or to allow overwriting of the value.

In addition to that, more field types have been added to include integers, boolean (true/false questions) and float.

What’s more, users can include a meeting link with their invitations that supports both Google and Outlook calendars. Lastly, the update allows more time slots to book meetings at 30-minute intervals.

Marketo Measure (Bizible)

The announcement of Marketo Measure (previously: Bizible) new offer called Ultimate, available later this year, will allow to synchronisation of the data from multiple CRMs or MAPs, including those other than top brand platforms only.  

However, it will require Adobe Experience Platform and the Data Schemas  set up to push data to Marketo Measure.

New experience view

Furthermore, there will be a new experience view available for Landing Page Templates and Snippets using the New Experience toggle switch.

Toggle button
New Experience toggle switch

This will improve the comprehensive view of assets, increase usability, and enable bulk actions to be performed on multiple assets.

For Snippets, users will be able to filter by the asset type and its status. Additionally, the Email Template and Snippets asset Used By tab will have an enhanced version showing the status of the asset, who modified it and when, as well as options to search, sort, and filter by asset status.

Marketo Reports

The Performance reports now have the option to filter by the asset’s created or modified date. Also, the loading time for asset lists will be improved.

PMCF – synch to SFDC Reminder

The release briefing included a reminder that Program Member Custom Fields are now enabled for bi-directional synch with Salesforce Campaign Object fields, to push custom data collected on the Marketo Program level.

CRM synch

Lastly, the roadmap includes an increase in data volumes that can be pushed within a single synchronization.


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