Marketo Program Member Custom Fields – SFDC synch finally enabled!

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Did you know that Marketo can improve the way you store Custom Data at the Program level thanks to the Program Member Custom Fields? You no longer have to rely on Custom Fields created at the Person level and face the risk that they might be overwritten by another program

What are PMCFs?

In the article by Veronica Holmes, a Marketo Champion, you will find the full overview of how PMCFs (Program Member Custom Fields) can be utilized.

Generally speaking, PMCFs help you store i.e. Custom Event/Webinar data like Dietary; Session Chosen; Question to Event Organizer etc. on a Marketo Program level.

Such functionality can be particularly useful for all Marketers and Event Organizers that are looking for a way to store more tailored and customized data which were collected in relation to a given campaign.

Before the October Marketo release, the main catch was that such data could only be accessed from the Program Members Tab (1), and filtered using your own fields view (2) in which only PMCFs are selected i.e.:

Program Members Fields view

Push Custom Data to SFDC!

The game changer was the October ’22 release, in which Marketo enabled the option to synch PMCFs with SFDC Campaign Members fields!

Thanks to that you can do so much more when it’s finally possible to push that data to SFDC and not rely only on Marketo exports. With a proper reporting set-up (i.e. UTM attribution), you can now review which channels, assets etc. brought a given person to your program/SFDC campaign!

Probably most of us struggled with certain custom processes such as a separate set of fields for first or last touch UTMs.

Thanks to PMCF-SFDC data synch, with proper campaign report set-up in SFDC, tracking the entire user journey by analyzing touchpoints captured by UTMs is easier to achieve!

PMCFs can be also used as date-stamps. With Marketo data/time tokens support, you can have a view of when hand raise submission actions take place. It is useful if you are looking for development of a process that requires a quick follow-up with Prospects. 

Date stamp action

Only a handful of examples was presented here, but as you can imagine options are almost unlimited. However, it is important to keep in mind that only 20 PMCFs are available per instance, so a wise decision needs to be made on how to use them efficiently.

Our Marketo experts at Ivenium Marketing Team would be happy to assist you with finding the best way to tailor the possibilities of PMCFs to your business needs. Feel free to reach out to us!


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